Beach will: in one set from the Olympic dream

Eugene Sipkova and Valentina Davydova. Photo:

Never in the history of Ukrainian «tourists» didn’t even dream that they will be able to qualify for the Olympics.

And now, finally, our girls, having made his speech at the final stage of the Continental Cup in Stavanger, Norway, a splash and bringing great sensation, became the silver medalists of this main command tournament of the Old world.

The heroes of the day were ladies in Zaporozhye often Sipkova Eugene and Valentina Davydova (they had the 13th rated), from Kiev sisters Irina and Inna Makhno (the 26th). They are not lucky, only that on the given tournament pass for the Games in 2016 issued only team in the country-the winner of the Netherlands.

On the way to the finals our girls beat more ranked teams of Norway, Sweden and, especially, Austria. For the latter, incidentally, were fifth in the rankings, Stefanie Schwaiger and Barbara Hansel, eleventh — Katharina and Lena, Huttenhofer Plesetsky. In the third and decisive meeting Sipkova and Davydova, snatching the account after 15:15 the ending of the first party from Schwaiger and Hansel, in the second set was conceded to rivals 8:10. but managed not only to overtake the fugitives, and in the lottery «more-less» to tip the scales to their side.

And in the final after the defeat of Makhno sisters from second in the ranking of Dutch Sophie van Gestel and Anton van der Vlist, our pair No. 1 Sipkova/Davydova, trailing in the first set 18:19 in the second — 15:16 the ninth in the ranking of the Rimco Braakman and Jolin Cinema, yet won both games and equalized the score — 1:1. Now the fate of gold and trips to Rio had depended on the duel of leaders of commands WAN Gestel/van der Vlist — Shipkovo/Davydova. Have

cranky confidently prevailed in the opening set. In the second game, first of all, a powerful innings Wang has Gestel Dutch equalized in the match. Unfortunately, on the third and final set of forces at Eugenia and Valentina just left. But, nevertheless, their performance in Stavanger can be called a sports feat. Still, after seven of their meetings, they have won six while the balance of parties 13:2. The result of the sisters Makhno modest one win in four matches and the overall ratio sets 3:6.

It should be noted that our girls still have the opportunity to break into the Olympians. To do this they will need to win first place in the Intercontinental final selection from 6 to 10 July in Sochi. There for the last Olympic qualification team will compete in nine countries, Austria, Vanuatu, China, Colombia, Cuba, Paraguay, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

As for our men’s team, the guys gave their all without a trace in the first match of the 1/8 finals, which gave a loud surprise, defeating a formidable Germans. Alexey Denin from Chernigov and Zaporozhets Sergey Popov (the couple was the 28th ranking) in the opening match lost in the struggle of the main favorites of the tournament Jonathan Erdmann and Kai Matysik (1-y). But then Zaporizhia tandem composed of Mykola Babich and Yaroslav Gordeev (22) trehmetrovy in a bitter confrontation with Alexander Walkenhorst and Stephen Windsheim (7th), Erdmann and Matysik brought our team sensational, or not say, win.

After this, the Ukrainians have challenged the most experienced Russians Oleg Stoyanovsky/Artem Yarzutkin (3rd) and Nikita Lyamina/Mr Badger (11). After losing to rivals the first game, our guys took the revenge in the second, but their power was not limitless. So divided up into fifth position.

Well, the first place and a direct ticket to Rio won the beach volleyball players of Austria.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

STAVANGER (Norway). The continental Cup. The final stage. Men. 1. Austria. 2. Belgium. 3. Russia. 4. Spain. 5. Norway, Turkey, UKRAINE, Switzerland. 9. Germany, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia.

The 1/8 finals. UKRAINE — Germany — 2:1. The DYNEIN/POPOV — Erdmann/Matysik — 0:2 (19:21, 11:21. BABICH/GORDEEV — Wallenhorst/Windship — 2:1 (24:22, 17:21, 15:12). BABICH/GORDEEV — Erdmann/Matysik — 2:1 (22:20, 17:21, 15:6). 1/4 finals. Russia — UKRAINE — 2:0. Stojanovski/Yarzutkin — the DYNEIN/POPOV — 2:1 (21:15, 18:21, 15:10). Lyamin/Badger — BABICH/GORDEEV — 2:1 (21:19, 15:21, 15:8). Austria — Turkey — 2:0. Spain — Switzerland — 2:1. Belgium — Norway — 2:1.1/2 finals. Belgium — Spain — 2:1. Austria — Russia — 2:1. For the 3rd place. Russia — Spain — 2:0. The final. Austria — Belgium — 2:1. Kunert/Drexler — Kockelkoren/Van Welle — 1:2 (17:21, 21:18, 12:15). Huber/Sidl — Douven/Adriaensen — 2:0 (21:13, 21:18). Huber/Sidl — Kockelkoren/Van Welle — 2:0 (21:19, 21:17).

Women. 1. Holland. 2. UKRAINE. 3. Czech Republic. 4. Austria. 5. Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland. 9. Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Finland.

The 1/8 finals. UKRAINE — Norway — 2:0. IR.MAKHNO/In.MAKHNO — Kongshavn/Solvoll — 2:0 (21:18, 21:19). SIPKOVA/DAVYDOV — Kielberg/Lund — 2:0 (21:13, 21:15). 1/4 finals. UKRAINE — SWEDEN — 2:1. IR.MAKHNO/In.MAKHNO — Lundqvist/Rininsland — 0:2 (13:21, 25:27). SIPKOVA/DAVYDOV — Joken/Nilsson — 2:0 (25:23, 21:15). SIPKOVA/DAVYDOV — Lundqvist/Rininsland — 2:0 (21:17, 21:15). Austria — France — 2:0. Czech Republic — Spain — 2:1. Holland — Italy 2:0. 1/2 finals. UKRAINE — Austria — 2:1. IR.MAKHNO/In.MAKHNO Schweiger/Hansel — 1:2 (19:21, 21:19, 12:15). SIPKOVA/DAVYDOV — Huttenhofer/Plesofsky — 2:0 (21:15, 33:31). SIPKOVA/DAVYDOV — Schweiger/Hansel — 2:0 (21:17, 24:22). The Netherlands — Czech Republic — 2:1. For the 3rd place. Czech Republic — Austria 2:0. The final. The Netherlands — UKRAINE — 2:1. Van Gestel/van der Vlist — IR.MAKHNO/In.MAKHNO — 2:0 (21:13, 21:12). Braakman/Cinema — SIPKOVA/DAVYDOVA — 0:2 (19:21, 17:21). Van Gestel/van der Vlist — SIPKOVA/DAVYDOVA — 2:1 (16:21, 21:15, 15:9).

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